***SHOW-RESULTS**** TVÅÅKER* **Internat. 09-07-11**
Championclass Best Bitch 1, BIM Ck, Cacib
Judge:Lacodi Csaba Zsolt, Rumanian
***SHOW-RESULTS**** BORÅS* **Nat. 09-06-29**
Openclass Best Bitch 1, BIR Ck, Certificate
Judge:Colette Muldon, Irland
Perfect mov. nice size, just getting a new coat, good head alert expression, nice feel good solid colour, good shoulder placement good bend of style, good topline and tail.
***SHOW-RESULTS**** LARV* **Nat. 09-05-09**
Openclass Best Bitch 2  
Judge: Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway
***SHOW-RESULTS**** ÖLAND* **Nat. 08-09-06**
Openclass Best Bitch 1 Ck, Certificate
Very nice bitch. Typical. Good head & expresson. Good colour. Good angulation. Good movment. I´d like the tail a bit shorter.                                                             Judge Alejandra Galofre Moragas, Spain.
****SHOW-RESULTS****Askersund Int.* 08-08-09***
15-24 month Best Bitch 2 CK,CACIB
Judge Per-Erik Wallin, Sweden
****SHOW-RESULTS*****Ransäter 08-07-26* Int.
15-24 month Best Bitch 1 , BIR CK,CERTIFICATE,CACIB
Judge Marja Talvitie, Finland
9-15 month Quality 1 Competition class 2
Judge: Nils Molin Sweden
***SHOW-RESULTS*** Gothenburg, MyDog Inter. 2008-01-05***
Swedish Winner 2008
9-15 month Best Bitch 1 , BIM CK, CERTIFICATE ,CACIB
Judge Kenneth Edh, Sweden